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Gompers Preparatory Academy Teacher Submits Petition for Vote to Remove SDEA Union from School


The petition contains signatures of more than enough employees at charter school to trigger a secret-ballot election to oust teacher union imposed through unreliable “card check” drive

San Diego, CA (January 8, 2020) – A group of employees at Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA), .....

January 2020 News



January 8, 2020. "According to teachers who spoke with the California Policy Center, these teachers approached their colleagues at odd times to sign a document and provided misleading statements about the nature of it. According to a school nurse, “I was ultimately rushed to sign the paper and was not given time to read it.” While some teachers complained about this process to the director, nothing was done because state law prohibits school officials from intervening in a labor organizing effort."



The newly minted teachers union at Gompers Preparatory Academy in southeastern San Diego is still without a contract a year after formation and now an effort is underway to dismantle the union altogether.



The creation of a teachers union a year ago at the long-hailed Gompers Preparatory Academy charter school has divided the school community. Now some teachers are petitioning to get rid of the union.

Gompers Preparatory Academy converted from a failed district union school (under the SDEA) to escape the failed bureaucracies that made Gompers one of the most dangerous and low performing schools in the city. Escaping the union was the best option, and it worked!


True Stories from Our Community


The SDEA is doing whatever it can to divide us, making our school an "Us vs Them" school.  That is not the GPA way!  That alone should say, enough is enough and vote NO on the SDEA representing us!  If thats not enough.....

  1. SDEA is Anti-Charter (Gompers Teachers Association agrees with SDEA  April 26, 2019, GTA newsletter pages 4-6.)
  2. SDEA blocks reform (SDEA blocked 6 period day at GPA)
  3. SDEA is actively against Director Riveroll (GPA response Letter NAACP Awards Video)
  4. SDEA promotes a strict pay scale, anti-merit. 

From A Parent

I am angry but mostly sad that you didn't give our school an opportunity to address or fix whatever issues or concerns you had.  A school is made up of teachers, staff, students, parents and community who have to communicate with one another to keep succeeding.  Instead, you did not acknowledge any of us and went behind our backs .......


The primary reason Gompers Preparatory Academy converted from a failed district union school (under the SDEA) was to sever ties with the union therby escaping the failed bureaucracies that made Gompers one of the most dangerous and low performing schools in the city. Escaping the union was the best option, and it worked!


As a first in my family to graduate from high school and now in college, the supports I received from GPA Staff and teachers have been incredible. I talk about how great my school is to others at college and they only wish they could have what I still have today. A connection with my school....

Union tried to prevent NAACP award for Director

In a meeting, that the Gompers Teachers Association bargaining team knew about, The UNION representative for Gompers Teachers Association Unit Members, met with the NAACP and tried to Prevent Director Riveroll from receiving a well deserved NAACP Award!


You have not told the entire school staff the huge injustices being done at Gompers before it went charter and why it went charter and that story must be told to all staff .....

Freedom to negotiate - what works for you

"The Union" political bureaucracy is one size fits all and eliminates individual rights from negotiating their own Work Year Agreement!  Before "The Union" took over, each of us had the opportunity to negotiate work year, however, when the contract is ratified, We will lose all rights to negotiate.  The contract will be in effect for THREE YEARS!  We might never get our summers off because "The Union" proposed a 205 days work year agreement!  Opt-Out Now, it's your constitutional right!



Gompers Teachers Association, teacher representatives pose for a photo published in the SDEA's own publication. We are disappointed in the misrepresentation of the teachers and staff!  This newsletter was placed in teachers boxes in the San Diego Unified School Disctrict. Original photo showed one GPA teacher using his middle finger holding something, this picture has since been replaced by a 4th draft.

Parents organize!


Parents upset how they have been treated by the Gompers Teachers Association. These parents have organized!  In a recent parent meeting held by parents for parents in the community, parents invited several teachers to speak and to be heard.  These parents want no changes to Gompers Preparatory Academy and said they will hold teachers accountable if anything changes for the worse!  They said if the culture changes and the school changes because of what the teachers are doing,  this is an injustice to our kids! Parents Union

what is really happening?


Teachers and Staff at Gompers Preparatory Academy were forced out of own Union meetings!  Teachers and staff requesting open and transparent meeting from the Gompers Teachers Association were told NO, and then were asked to leave or escorted out! These meeting have been handled very unprofessional by the organizing team, resulting in unprofessional behavior.

You will not believe how the Gompers' community made National History in Southeast San Diego.... 


Eight teachers didn't expect this to happen when they spoke to the board of directors at the San Diego Unified School District........


The documents that the Gompers Teachers' Association want you to see...


It's incredible what this Gompers Middle School Student said in 2004 at the School Board Meeting in San Diego....

Our Family

All staff, parents and community members come together, in support of students and our amazing school, Gompers Preparatory Academy. 

Our History


"I sat in that room and heard the parents pleading with a union rep from SDEA, ‘Please help us.’ And the union representative said, ‘I know this may sound hard, but my responsibility is to the teachers, not to the students.’ And parents just started to weep."

Did you know this was to create a Teachers Union?


Not all teachers at Gompers Preparatory Academy knew what was happening. Many found out after months of backdoor meetings among eight teachers with Union representatives.  Many thought they were signing a document to support our school and teachers, NOT a union document.  To our knowledge, the Teacher Union was not mentioned to anyone. For 3 months the 9 outsiders lied to us about creating a Union!

The Union Agenda

Strategy: Fear - Intimidation - Isolation - Ignorance


"The Union" is on a mission to incite FEAR and Intimidate our staff.  Isolation began when "The Union" organizers strategically excluded most of our veteran teachers and staff.  Get educated about "The Union" and their rhetoric.  Stay Informed, read "Standing Up To Goliath." and get on file that you choose to OptOut now, before its to late, and dues are automatically deducted without your consent, SDEA Standing Rule 3.6.

Anti-Charter legislation


Anti-Charter movement is Strong in California, headed by the CTA.  "The Union" says, all the legislation is against for-profit companies, yet 97% of California Charter schools are nonprofit.  Only 36 of the states 1,275 charter schools are run by or affiliated with for-profit companies.  "The Union" is directly attacking ALL charter schools with their legislation, while using Union Dues to fund this activity.

political agenda


The SDEA and CTA spend Millions of Teacher Dues for their own political agendas.  Follow the money where "The Union" spends union dues.  Teachers unions have steadily amped up their political involvement: From 2004 to 2016, their donations grew from $4.3 million to more than $32 million -- an all-time high.

"Contract" collective barganing


The "Contract" is being written by outsiders, San Diego Education Association, coming into Gompers Preparatory Academy saying they Represent "Unit Members" and yet "The Contract" that "The Union" is floating does NOT represent our school, staff and culture.  This Cookie Cutter approach, makes a stand that Gompers Preparatory Academy must Change and be just like other schools, as "The Union" insinuates it is NOT Fair Gompers Preparatory Academy has what it has, it must be equal to other schools.  Ask to see what is being presented by "The Union." Be educated about the misrepresentation of unit members. Science department Unit Members are told they will now be represented by a Union math teacher, yet the Science Department has requested to allow one of thier own department teachers be part of the negotioan..... Demand Transparency......  We do not need to Union to ask for higher wages!  OptOut of the San Diego Education Association before its to late!

Do not wait to OptOut, before its to late...


"The Union" will not talk about your rights to OptOut.  "The Union" will say there is nothing to OptOut, confuses unit members into thinking that if they do nothing, all will be fine.  Truth is, "The Union" does not want you to know the truth about your Constitutional rights, thus full transparency has been avoided at all costs, so when the "Contract" is ratified, unit members will be persuaded to sign up, just as they did with the creation of the union and if they haven't Opted Out, they will be automatically enrolled in due deduction, with out Union Member benefits, SDEA Standing Rule 3.6.  Unit members will then be locked into paying $1,200+ in Dues.  The only sure way is to Opt Out Now and have it on file so you are not caught of guard.

1 Year Agreements - On Loan


On March 5, 2019 the San Diego Unified School District approved Gompers Preparatory Academy Charter renewal, however in doing so the SDUSD also altered the Charter agreement for its On Loan Staff, which includes most of Gompers Preparatory Academy Leadership limiting them to one year at a time, thus all can be removed in one year from the date.  "The Union" failed to stand up and support our schools request of allowing the On loan Leadership from the SDUSD to stay beyond one more year.  "The Union" said in a recent  private meeting its only fair since Gompers Preparatory Academy is the only school that has such an agreement.  Our leadership has been here before the Charter, invested in our charters success and still to this day continues to change our community for the better.  "The Union" has put a dark cloud over our school and continues to try and destroy what is working.  Stay Educated and keep demanding transparency. Opt Out Now.

Stanford University Professor, Jerry Moe, spells out above all else, what hurts students the most.....

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