Letters from teachers, parents and alumni

Staff, parents, alumni and community love Gompers Preparatory Academy.  They know our history, and they came together in 2004 to make it a nonunion charter school.  Letters written  to the Teachers at Gompers Preparatory Academy in response to the current unionization effort.

Open Letters in response to Unionization


From a Teacher - to gompers teachers' association

To the committee-

I feel you all are violating rights as well.  

1) I was told somethings would happen by the committee that did not happen before the initial letter went out

2) You have not told the entire school staff the huge injustices being done at Gompers before it went charter and why it went charter and that story must be told to all staff so they know the history of the school before voting.  Everyone needs to hear the pros and cons of unions before voting 

3) The union's at my daughter's School have done several Injustices to the students, and I do not want to be part of this injustice to students.  Unions are only to fight for teachers' benefits and they suck out your money doing it and at time school district policies hurt the students due to the inflexibility of the unions.

4) I do not want to be in a union and just because others do, it is my right not to be in one, so why force this?

5) You all say you all do not feel comfortable "talking" to administration without this step. In my experience every time I needed something ,the Gompers cabinet would listen and we were able to negotiate a reasonable solution for all.  You can talk, in a group setting and work on things without a union.

You need to be much more transparent about what is going on.  You need to tell the whole story before asking for support and you need some of the founders to speak up about what huge changes were made in the school when it became charter. The innovation of the school has made it the success which many of you now can rest your laurels on.  And a union has the potential to worsen things for the school.

I do not want any more forward motion on the union to occur until all the facts are out there and the entire staff has had full disclosure and there is a true unbiased sampling of the staff done .

Respectfully submitted, Kristie Chiscano