Opt Out Letter

Additional Information

Opt-Out Letter / Notice of Withdrawal

San Diego Education Association

10393 San Diego Mission Road, Ste. 100 

San Diego, California 92108-2189 

To SDEA President:

I am employed by Gompers Preparatory Academy.

This is a notice of withdrawal.  Effective immediately, I resign/drop membership and revoke due authorization from membership in San Diego Education Association (SDEA) and all of its affiliated unions including CTA/NEA. 

The United States Supreme Court decided in Janus v. AFSCME (2018) that public employees cannot be compelled to fund a union without clear and affirmative consent. I object to paying any further union dues, fees, or assessments. I demand a refund of any prepaid dues to which I am entitled. This letter is also notice that I hereby revoke any agreement in place to automatically deduct union dues, fees or assessments from my earnings or from any of my accounts or to charge such fees on my credit card. Any further collection of dues or fees from me will violate my rights.

As a nonmember, I request that you immediately cease deducting all dues, fees, and political contributions from my wages, as is my constitutional right in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME. Revoke due authorization SDEA/CTA/NEA.

This objection is permanent and continuing in nature and should be honored for as long as I remain in the bargaining unit. 

If any of the instructions above cannot be accommodated at this time, I demand instructions in writing on how I may exercise my right to end membership and cease payments. If you refuse to accept this letter as an effective resignation and effective dues check-off revocation, promptly inform me in writing on how I may resign union membership and revoke dues check-off authorization.

Furthermore, I request that you promptly provide me with a copy of any dues deduction authorization — written, electronic, or oral — the union has on file for me. 

I trust that you will act promptly to properly observe my constitutional rights. 



Phone #:

Gompers Preparatory Academy

Teacher (replace with your position)

Signature and Date: __________________________________________________ 

cc. HR/Personnel Department at Gompers Preparatory Academy

Do not contact me with any future membership solicitations or union materials.




Link to Google Document, you can print and send in certified mail.