SDEA and Charters

Top Reasons San Diego Education Association/CTA/NEA (SDEA) is bad for Gompers Preparatory Academy

  • If you are considering Union membership, please take the time to become informed about where your money will go. It’s time that you join to support our efforts to improve our profession, our school and Opt-Out. The San Deigo Education Association is not a friend of Gompers Preparatory Academy and the community.  The SDEA is anti-public charter education. The SDEA has engaged in cynical actions that hurt our school and community.
  • Gompers Teachers Association with assistance from the San Diego Education Association  circulated an EERA Representation petition during a stealth signing blitz to teacher and staff in classrooms and offices (most teachers were unaware this was to form a Union), no vote was needed (as the 9 teachers were able to persuade barely 51% of the teachers sign by promising summers off and higher wages).  This one petition authorize our teachers and counselors voices were now exclusively represented by a 3rd party  San Diego Education Association/CTA/NEA), and under their Bylaws. This took away all individual rights to bargain.  Now the Anti-Charter Union San Diego Education Association/CTA/NEA, not just the SDEA are incharge!   On 11/13/18 (video: forward 37:28), the 9 organizers presented to the SDUSD Board of Educationtion to ask their support, in which Board Member Richard Barrera wrote this letter.  On January, 2nd 2019, PERB officially recognized the Exclusive Representative and in an Email sent by the Gompers Teacher Association, it to confirms January 2nd, 2019.

Top 6 Reasons SDEA must be voted out of GPA:

  1. SDEA is Anti-Charter, and Gompers Teachers Association agreed with SDEA Anti-Charter Legislation support in April 26, 2019, GTA newsletter pages 4-6. Learn more about the SDEA Anti-Charter movement in the SDEA PROPOSAL (crippling Charter Schools) to SDUSD demonstrating their Anti-Charter bias, red lines are SDUSD edits, you can see how SDEA truly thinks and wants to control every aspect of every school.  Teachers did not come up with that, the SDEA did.  Thats whats happening at GPA now. Truth is SDEA/CTA/NEA has begun a campaign to organize charter schools, while continuing to challenge their existence. It is a well-known fact that CTA heavily funds the Anti-Charter movement in California, $1million a month. The key reason SDEA/CTA/NEA are Anti-Charter, they claim charter schools are "draining funds" from district schools, thus they want to "Limit Charter School Growth".  The SDEA/CTA/NEA will say they are not Anti-Charter, they are against for-profit charters (yet there are only 35 for profit charter schools in California).   The truth, California Charter Schools Association President said " CTA is promoting an extreme legislative package that ranges from denying charter public schools, no matter how academically successful, right to appeal to the county or state for renewal (AB 1505) to establishing a cap on charters statewide (AB 1506). The bills would cripple the potential of all California students to receive a quality public education. If that isn’t anti-charter, we don’t know what is."
  2. SDEA blocks reform (GPA 6 period day, teacher-supported, based on survey results and the voice of our teachers), SDEA sent GPA a “cease and desist” (see it here) preventing the 6 period day. SDEA could have done an MOU for 6 period day, or presented a “waiver of the right to bargain,” since a majority of teachers supported 6 period day. Instead the Union presented additional constraints along with the 6 period day that would have required additional bargaining beyond the 6 period day.  There was not enough time in order to prepare for master schedule, and the SDEA knew that. The SDEA sold us on the idea that this would be our union and we could run it how we wanted. Well, that hasn’t been the case here with the 6 period day. 
  3. SDEA is actively against Director Riveroll (SDEA rep met with the NAACP to try and prevent Director Riveroll from receiving NAACP award, Gompers Teachers Association also knew. GPA response Letter.) NAACP Awards Video. Its also a well-documented fact that the SDEA never supported Gompers ever become charter and did whatever they could to prevent it from ever happening, including having Director Riveroll removed before the charter was authorized in 2005. ("they ordered Bersin in a closed-door meeting to remove Riveroll from the principalship at Gompers and put him in a central office job mentoring other principals.").  
  4. SDEA promotes a strict pay scale, anti-merit. Be they exceptional or mediocre or lousy—incentivizing longevity and education, not performance.
  5. SDEA advised teachers wrong and tried to cause or attempt to cause Gompers Preparatory Academy to violate the Education Employment Relations Act.  Once the union was recognized, teachers and staff could no longer negotiate wadges and the SDEA know this, yet still advised otherwise.  This was brought up at barganing meeting and GPA sent a letter to SDEA to stop.  
  6. The SDEA has exacerbate negative interpersonal dynamics.  Since SDEA has been at our school, relationships have deteriorated and this huge divide is very awkward. Teachers have been pitted against leadership, yet both are essential in educating students.

ASK and KNOW: 

  • If you are offered a Union Card: Signing a card now could deprive you of an opportunity to make a choice later;
  • The law does not require “full disclosure” by union organizers of all the facts needed to have a balanced view;
  • If and when a union contract goes into effect, all employees in the bargaining unit are covered, whether or not they signed a card or voted for the union (no “opting out” of the contract);

ASK and KNOW (source): 

  • Unions raise the costs of education, thereby draining resources away from inputs that raise achievement.
  • Unions remove incentives for teachers to improve instruction – for example, by shielding ineffective teachers from dismissal and by tying salaries to seniority rather than merit.
  • Increased formalization as a result of unionization hampers principals’ ability to manage their schools.
  • Unions encourage distrustful relationships between teachers and principals.
  • Due to their political clout, teacher unions can block promising educational reforms that threaten union interests.
  • Teacher union strikes, or even their threat, disrupt instruction, lower morale, and damage community relations.


The truth about collective bargaining: 

********The union, not the teachers and other employees, decides what to propose in negotiations;******** (This is why the Teachers at GPA have no SAY)

The parties must negotiate in good faith, but there is no time limit on how long it may take to reach agreement, and no requirement that an agreement actually be reached;

The union may have made many promises (for instance, tenure), but it cannot guarantee any of them will come true.

SDEA Dues: $1,200 per year, each unit member must pay, unless you opt-out.

Recently proposed during the bargaining session, Teacher Salary Scale submitted by the UNION, is for 205 days.  This means, because of the UNION one size fits all mentality, all teachers will be REQUIRED to work 205 days, no summers off.  The teachers that were told they would get their summers off, they were lied to by the GTA. Because of the UNION, we lost all flexibility in our work year agreements, and our individual rights to negotiate summers off. 

****Also noted in the proposed Teacher Salary Scale:  1st-year teacher could potentially make more than a 6-year teacher who has been with Gompers Preparatory Academy based solely on educational units.  You read that correctly, a teacher that has been with GPA for 6 years could make less than a 1st-year teacher.  San Diego Education Association is not what teachers want at Gompers Preparatory Academy! SDEA Opt Out Today!

Risks of Negotiations There is no guarantee a union will obtain higher pay or better benefits. In fact, the union cannot guarantee negotiations will not result in a reduction of wages or benefits.

SDEA History with Gompers:


"Representatives from the  SDEA headquarters met with teachers and provided arguments against the conversion of Gompers to charter status, including the false claim that teachers would lose health and retirement benefits and the right to return to the district.  After the dust settled,  charter petitioners successfully obtained the approval of more than 50% of its teachers for it's charter petition (Gao 2005a)" Source: Is it wrong for us to want good things? The origins of Gompers Charter Middle School

Unions – by definition – are institutionally motivated to maximize the number of employees, control and minimize work load and to eliminate accountability. Many teachers chafe under union-imposed limitations on performance. Additionally, collective bargaining agreements can stifle the innovation and flexibility in curriculum and school governance that attract students, and teachers, to charter schools in the first place. 

According to Steve McDonald from the San Diego chapter of the California Teachers Association, three goals: 

  1. Bulk up CTA’s membership.
  2. Organize the un-organized
  3. Nurture a union-operated charter school. 

Union Control of Members 

Unions require members to obey their rules – under pain of trial and potential fines. A union will expect all its members to act and speak with one voice; dissent and individuality are discouraged. This also can extend to political activities beyond the workplace. In recent years, unions have increasingly pressured members to contribute and campaign for the union’s preferred political and social agenda.

On the SDEA website: Examples of how they encourage pressure tactics at our school.  Our school was a happy family before the SDEA got involved.  What other tactics are they going to use to take apart the charter they never wanted in the first place?  Opt-Out SDEA don't let them have your money to fund this kind of activity. SDEA is bad for GPA!

Is SDEA breaching its duty of fair representation to the Teacher and Staff at GPA?   It is the obligation to represent all employees fairly, in good faith, and without discrimination.  Who did the SDEA represent when they Blocked the 6 period day?  Who did the SDEA represent when they met and acted in bad faith with the NAACP discrediting our Director and school? 

After knowing this, do you still want the San Diego Education Association to be your exclusive representative, even though they have caused more harm than good? Whose best interest does the SDEA have?

Did you know?


The primary reason Gompers Preparatory Academy converted from a failed district union school (under the SDEA) was to sever ties with the union therby escaping the failed bureaucracies that made Gompers one of the most dangerous and low performing schools in the city. Escaping the union was the best option, and it worked! (Source: Is it wrong for us to want good things? The origins of Gompers Charter Middle School)

Alternatives to SDEA


Be Informed and Be Empowered

Just think of what you could do with an extra $1,200 next year.

San Diego Education Association (SDEA) this is not what teachers asked for! The majority of the tension at Gompers Preparatory Academy is because of the San Diego Education Association tactics.  They have constructed a plan and are asking the 9 union teachers to implement it.  

The SDEA doing their own thing, for example: Tried to block the NAACP award from Director Riveroll. Gompers Teachers Association has failed to listen to teachers, and doing their own thing too!  Was simple, some teacher want summers off, and yet the one size fits all will not allow that.  Do you still want the San Diego Education Association to be your exclusive representative, even though they have caused more harm than good?

Sample Letter, to prevent the SDEA from taking due.    <------------ Click, Fill out, Send In............. Opt-Out  San Diego Education Association teacher union DUE to Collectors.

Teachers contracts are now controlled by a small group of teachers, with several only in their 2nd year barely knowing our history at Gompers Preparatory Academy, for work year agreements.  Individual Teacher Rights to negotiate salary and work year agreements have been taken away and we are excluded from personally attending bargaining planning meetings unless you are the exclusive bargaining representative!  However, Teachers have a Choice to not join the union, and not to pay union dues.  We are not against unions. But what this group of teachers did is only a complexifier for our small GPA Family -- we were already working as a cooperative, professional unit, and their stealthy takeover accomplishes more bad than good.   We are Pro teacher choice, thus should have the freedom to choose to pay or not pay union dues.  We request open and transparent meeting for our bargaining unit. Know your rights and visit: TeacherFreedom.org . Opt-Out SDEA (San Diego Education Association) teachers union.

Do you know that you are no longer required to pay any money to a teachers union?

On June 27th the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME case. The decision means that no public school teacher or any other government worker in the U.S. has to pay money to a union as a condition of employment. (We are not taking a position on the Janus decision itself, just that you should know about your opt-out rights under it.)

In Janus v. AFSCME, the court decided public sector unions can’t charge non-members agency fees — or so-called “fair share fees” — to help cover the cost of representation. Unions must represent anyone in a union-covered position, whether they’re a member or not.

Do you know how your dues are calculated? 

The elected officers of the national, state and local organizations determine yearly, how much your dues will be. There is a formula used whereby roughly 2% of a new teacher's salary goes towards dues. Whether or not a pay raise is negotiated in your district, each school year, dues go up.

Let's take an example of $1,100 in dues. NEA will take about $192, CTA will take about $700 and your local will take about $200.

If you choose not to belong to the union, you will lose the union’s member only benefits, including liability insurance and legal representation, but there are alternative ways to secure this coverage. You can join the Association of American Educators (www.aaeteachers.org) at $16.50 a month See the comparison chart between the AAE vs NEA. This is a professional organizations, not a union and there are others out there.  Keep your money.  Opt Out Today from the San Diego Education Association teachers union dues and keep the over $1,200 in your own pocket!

Source: CTEN    Source: OptOutToday    Additional Info: Link     Teacher Freedom: https://teacherfreedom.org/


In the News

5 Teachers Sue Union Over ‘Irrevocable’ Union Dues Deductions

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

5 Teachers Sue Union Over ‘Irrevocable’ Union Dues Deductions

(SAN FRANCISCO) — Five California teachers this week filed a class-action lawsuit against the California Teachers Association alleging the union violated their First Amendment rights by continuing to deduct union dues from their wages over their repeatedly stated objections. 3/11/2019

An Unprecedented Assault on Charter Schools

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

5 Teachers Sue Union Over ‘Irrevocable’ Union Dues Deductions

2019 has become the year for some legislators to link arms with the California Teachers Association (CTA) and introduce a series of bad bills meant to destroy charter schools in California. 

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

California Legislature is quickly advancing these charter school killers. Assembly Bills 1505 by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach), 1506 by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) and 1507 by Assemblywoman Christy Smith (D- Santa Clarita) are all sponsored by the California Teachers Association, and were passed by the Assembly Education Committee this week.

CTA Attacking Charter Schools Again

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

If its spring then it must be time for the California Teachers Association (CTA) to make another one of its frontal assaults on charter schools....

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

The authors and co-authors of these divisive bills received campaign donations from CTA and since CTA is sponsoring these divisive bills, is it a coincidence that the authors and co-authors didn’t take into account the hundreds 

California Teachers Unions Oppose Paying Teachers More...

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

Anti-Charter Bills: California Lawmakers Need to Take Parents Seriously

In the current public-school system, however, pay is based on seniority. A school teacher who has been just occupying a chair for decades, must be paid better than a young go-getter. A teacher who is willing to ply his or her skills in a tough, low-performing urban school must be paid the same as a teacher on autopilot in a wealthy suburban district, where the challenges are less severe and the stakes not as high. In times of layoffs, that tough and energetic teacher working a hard gig must be laid off before any teacher with greater seniority in the union, thanks to something known as LIFO, or "Last In, First Out."


parents organize!


Gompers Teachers Association, teacher representatives pose for a photo published in the SDEA own publication. We are disappointed in the misrepresentation of the teachers and staff!  

Source: http://www.sdea.net/wp-content/uploads/SDEA-Advocate-January-2019.pdf

parents organize!


Teachers and staff at Gompers Preparatory Academy were asked to leave their of own Union meetings!  Teachers and staff requesting open and transparent meeting from the Gompers Teachers Association were told NO, and then were asked to leave or escorted out!

parents organize!

parents organize!

parents organize!

Gompers Preparatory Academy Parents Organizing

Parents upset how they have been treated by the Gompers Teachers Association. These parents have organized!  In recent parent meeting held by parents for parents in the community, parents invited several teachers to speak and to be heard.  These parents want no changes to Gompers Preparatory Academy and said they will hold teachers accountable if anything changes for the worse!  They said if the culture changes and the school changes because of what the teachers are doing,  this is an injustice to our kids!

Freedom of Choice

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects

parents organize!


Teachers Voices are now controlled by a small outsider group of teaches at Gompers Preparatory Academy, for work year agreements.  Individual Teacher Individual Rights have been taken away!  However, Teacher have a Choice to not join the union, and not to pay union dues.  TeacherFreedom.org

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects


Teachers Agree: Teachers’ unions make it “harder to fire bad teachers”

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects

New Study Suggests Teachers Unions Reduce Students’ Earning and Job Prospects


Sure a Higher Teacher Retention will happen, as it will be harder to fire bad teachers at Gompers Preparatory Academy.


Real Data - GPA is like no other school!

Additional Information

In past meetings out of 90 unit members less then 20 attended and some were asked to leave.  SDEA included representatives from Helix High School who said that after they went Union, the teachers are in charge of the school now.  They talked of their benefits of being a Union, however, Helix Teacher Salary is less then Gompers Preparatory Academy teachers current salary at Year 4 column 1.  The current Proposal by SDEA puts a 4th year teacher at $61,566.27 - $75,018.47, Wow this seems great, however, is this really sustainable?  How will this impact the rest of the school and staff.  Currently, the only school that is higher then GPA 4th year is Preuss School, with AFT as their 3rd party reps.  Preuss is an amazing school, Blue Ribbon, A top Charter School. The question to ask: How are they able to pay more to teachers.  Charter Renewal shows they have projected $740,000 in some form of additional Grants and donations in Local Revenues.  Additional sources: O'Farrell.  -   Steele Canyon. -   Lincoln High School. 


Apples and Oranges.  GPA is similar to Preuss in that they have students and teachers and both are UCSD partner school.  Other than that, the difference is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Preuss teachers are represented by UC-AFT, as the teachers are employe of UCSD. Preuss students applications are screened and placed in a Lottery. 

Preuss Entrance Requirements: 

All Preuss students are selected by lottery. To be placed in the lottery, students must complete an application process and meet the following three criteria: 

1. Low-income family qualifying for the Federal Free  and Reduced-Lunch Program. 

2. Family in which parents or guardians have not  graduated from college. 

3. Demonstrate motivation and desire to attend college.

(source: Preuss Brochure )

Information - Confirmed - yes, it is a teachers' union

The Gompers Teachers' Association in partnership with
San Diego Education Association/CTA/NEA

(one of the largest and most powerful teachers' unions in California) filed for "Recognition" to allow SDEA/CTA/NEA to represent them, and are in the process of the collective bargaining contract.  There is still time to voice your concern, and opt out.

At the Board of Education Regular Meeting

Eight GPA Teachers at the San Diego Unified School District Board Meeting, stated they were speaking for the teachers. However, many teachers and staff were never told they were going to speak on the teachers' behalf.   Fast forward to 37:28 . 


Lorena Gonzalez Union Backed - Suports Gompers Teachers Uni

TRUTH ABOUT lorena gonzalez

" It takes a special kind of politician to attempt to take away the new rights of countless workers " as Lorena Gonzales recently said in an interview, and she is just that politician! Lorena Gonzales has done amazing things for the labor movement in California and was the head of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, where Richard Barrera too was secretary-treasurer.  She voted against charters in recent legislation, and According to VoteSmart Lorena's top donors are Union Organizations, many Anti-charter groups ($70,800.00 in donations) including the CTA (California Teachers Association) with a donation of $17,600. CFT (CALIFORNIA FEDERATION OF TEACHERS) $17,600.00. CFA (CALIFORNIA FACULTY ASSOCIATION) $19,100.00 . CSEA (CALIFORNIA SCHOOL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION / CSEA) $16,500.00. 

With Gonzalez' help, the CTA targets charter schools — again

"Jed Wallace - the former High Tech High administrator who is now president of the California Charter Schools Association - noted that Gonzalez has mentioned that she is the parent of a child in a charter school and has billed herself as a supporter of charters. He called it "perplexing" that she would vote for a "charter-killer" bill."


Lorena, we to have a right for our voices to be heard under PERB duty of fair representation, and we are not being represented fairly by the SDEA.  Where are you supporting the duty of fair representation?  When you tried to ban this website, that seemed counter to your belief system of having all voices heard.  This website is made independently by concerned Parents and Teachers in District E, not the school.  We have every obligation to inform all the teachers, staff and community the injustice that is now being done at the hands of the SDEA.  Lorena do you know the History of Gompers Preparatory Academy, and why our school went charter?  GPA is a community based charter, a neighborhood school. 

Lorena Gonzales should be an avid supporter of Gompers Preparatory Academy, as a school that is working to better the lives of students in our community, yet the only letter that comes in is a letter that try to ban this website, as she was misinformed, the school and leadership have no part in it as again this website is made independently by concerned Parents and Teachers in District E, not the school.   

SEE SECOND LETTER by Loren Gonzalez.... Click here.

Who requested the letter

One of the lead Union organizers at GPA worked with Lorena Gonzalez on her campaign. The Letter was sent before PERB official Recognized the Union thus confusing many at school who did not support the Unions actions.   The California Ethics Standards state: resources may be used only for legislative purposes.  We are confused about how your letter was for legislative purposes.  


SDUSD is Involved in this Unionization

Truth about Richard barrera

San Diego Unified School District Trustee for District D.  Email: rbarrera1@sandi.net

Richard Barrera is a very vocal Union supporter. Anytime he can jump on board to support a union forming, he will, especially for a school he has wanted back in the San Diego Unified School District. For two and a half years, until he lost his union job in December 2018,  Barrera served as secretary-treasurer of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, a sort of union of unions representing the political interests of 135 unions.

“It is our recommendation that he consider recusing himself from decisions involving trade union parties to the (project labor agreement),” and he exercise caution when voting on matters related to the teachers' or classified employees unions, wrote attorney Mark Bresee, in a Voice of San Diego article.

Why did Richard Barrera send this letter to all the Teachers at Gompers Preparatory Academy, a charter school that is not in his district, in response to a non-agenda item?

Source: A new report says San Diego Unified School District is losing nearly $66 million a year due to the exploding number of charter schools.

Richard Barrera did the same thing to Harriet Tubman Village Charter School.

Story about Harriet Tubman Village Charter School

Richard Barrera was a supporter and advocate for Harriet Tubman Village Charter School becoming a Union school in 2010, and just four years after....... principals were replaced.....

"Scinski pointed to the teachers' union as the source of trouble. Unlike most charter schools, Tubman teachers are unionized. Scinski accused the union – the San Diego Education Association, or SDEA – of disrupting harmony by planting toxic messages."

Documents - Formal Unionization


First Letter from Gompers Teachers' Association

<---This is the first notification many teachers, staff and school administration heard of what the eight teachers were organizing for the previous months. Placed in the teachers mail boxes.


Document posted in accordance with the LAW from the California public employment relations board - about the EERA Law ----->

Petitioning to have Union Representation.  

California Public Employment Relations Board

Write-Public Employment Relations Board
1031 18th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811-4124
Call-(916) 322-3198 or e-mail perbquestions@perb.ca.gov 

Educational Employment Relations Act EERA Laws


Gompers Teachers' Association representation petition

<----------  This is the document that clearly shows the Association is actually seeking to become a Union, and to be represented by the SDEA/CTA/NEA.

Petitioner is the:

San Diego Education Association/CTA/NEA

(one of the largest and most powerful teachers' unions in California politics.)

As of January 3, 2019, SDEA was Official Recognised by PERB as the exclusive representative of the Teachers and Counselors at Gompers Preparatory Academy.

Teachers Unions do not want School Choice.... Here is why

Union Facts

Union Facts

If the union wins, when will there be another election?

Union elections aren’t like political elections, where regular elections are held to see if the voters want to keep someone in office. Once a union is certified as the exclusive representative of the employees, it remains so indefinitely.

What if there is a strike and I need to work?

The union can legally fine members who return to work during a strike. Non-members cannot be fined or threatened under the law, but unions have been found guilty of doing so anyway.

Can the union spend dues money on politics that I either don’t care about or oppose?

Yes. In one case decided by the Supreme Court, Communications Workers v. Beck, the union was found to be spending almost 80 percent of its dues money on matters unrelated to collective bargaining, such as campaign contributions. Under the law, if workers who are not union members object to the use of their money for things that are not directly related to collective bargaining, they are entitled to a refund of the portion of their dues spent on politics and other non-bargaining activities. When non-unionized workers have attempted to get their money back, they have usually met with opposition and stonewalling from union officials.

Who sets the level of union dues?

The union sets the dues, according to the terms of the union constitution and by-laws. In general, if the union local is part of an international union (such as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters), the international can require dues increases of all locals if delegates to a meeting of the international approve of a dues increase.

Is there a contract between the union and the workers?

No. The union is not contractually liable to the workers. Its promises are not legally enforceable.

If the union wins, will I still be able to negotiate for myself or represent myself?

No. By law, the union becomes the exclusive representative for all of the employees in the bargaining unit, including those who did not want it. Therefore, individuals are prevented from attempting to negotiate for themselves if they think they can get a better schedule or payscale. They may not pursue a grievance or complaint on their own — the union representative has the right to be present even if the employee does not want them there.

Source: UnionFacts.com

What GPA Administration Can Talk About

Additional Information - GPA Administration can.....

During a union campaign, employers are permitted to engage in activities that will not interfere with an employee’s ability to make a free choice in a union election. If threats of reprisal, promises of benefits, or other actions would serve to coerce employees, an unfair labor practice (UPL) charge will be brought against the employer. If the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finds violations, the union essentially wins without the election. Here are some important guidelines (Collier, 1998) that a supervisor may legally follow:

  • Tell employees that the supervisors and the company are opposed to unionization.
  • Tell employees that the employees do not have to sign union cards and that the law says that they have the absolute right to refrain from joining a union.
  • Tell employees that they do not have to speak to union organizers or to admit organizers into their homes.
  • Tell employees about the benefits that they enjoy, and compare those benefits with those in unionized companies.
  • Tell employees that with a union they may have to bring their problems to a shop steward also known as a union representative instead of dealing with their supervisor.
  • Tell employees of the disadvantages of belonging to a union, such as the payment of dues and initiation fees and the possibility of fines and assessments.
  • Tell employees that, if they engage in an economic strike, they may be permanently replaced and will be reinstated only if an opening occurs.
  • Tell employees that they may be required to picket other employers, even when they are not on strike.
  • Tell employees that a union can always out-promise an employer, but the union can guarantee nothing.
  • Tell employees about any arrest records of union officials.
  • Urge employees to vote against the union; suggest that they encourage others to do the same.
  • Tell employees that merely signing a union authorization card or application for membership does not mean they must vote for the union in an election.
  • Tell employees about any untrue or misleading statements made through an organizer, by handbill, or through any union propaganda.


What one student words that made a difference...


These powerful words brought everyone to tears and cheers at the first ever Graduation for Gompers Preparatory Academy......


One week before the first day of school in 2005 at Gompers Charter Middle School, this happened......


If you feel you are not being represented in an honest and ethical way: Take Action!

Exclusive Representation

Additional Information

How does a union become my exclusive representative?
A union can collect enough authorization cards from you and your coworkers.  It will need to collect cards from over 50% of the designated group of employees (called a bargaining unit) to automatically become your collective bargaining representative.

It can also happen by a vote.  In order for a vote to happen, the union will have to collect authorization cards from at least 30% of the bargaining unit. Then the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) would hold an election. In order for the union to win the election, more than 50% of the employees who vote would have to vote in favor of unionization.  If that happened, you would be represented by the union.

Decertification Option

The Education Employment Relations Act and PERB regulations afford employees the right to decertify their union through an election conducted by PERB. The process is similar to the process used to certify a union through an election. The “reverse” process may be initiated by a decertification petition filed by a group of employees within the bargaining unit, or even another labor organization seeking to replace the current one. The petition cannot be filed by the school, an administrator or other supervisor and communication with employees on this subject must follow the rules applicable in an initial organizing campaign. Counsel should be consulted. 

The petition must be supported by proof that at least thirty percent of the employees in the established unit no longer wish to be represented by the union or wish to be represented by another union. The proof of support must generally include each employee’s printed name, signature, job title and date of signature.

When the petition is filed, the employer must post a notice of the decertification petition no later than 15 days after receiving a copy of the petition. The notice must include a copy of the decertification petition. The employer must then serve a copy of the notice on PERB. Within 20 days of the filing of the decertification petition, the employer must file with PERB a description of the established unit, including an alphabetical list of employees and their job titles. PERB then reviews the proof of support to determine whether it is sufficient. Once sufficiency is established, PERB will generally schedule an election.